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Thinking of Personalizing your Wedding Dress?

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You've Got That Perfect Bridal Gown Pictured In Your Mind

It's finally your time.  You've searched all the wedding dress designer's websites, pinned images of the gown you've imagined would be perfect for you and now you are at the bridal boutique with family and friends trying on dresses.  But the more you try on different styles, the more confused and frustrated you get.  You can't find the dress that has EVERYTHING you imagined - the right neckline combined with the right sleeves and skirt style. 

Don't be discouraged - you've got some options!

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Some Slight Alterations Can Personalize Your Dress Just For You!

If you are trying on a dress that is perfect except for a couple features, a talented seamstress can help add what you may want with minimum change to the dress and not that expensive.   As you are trying on dresses, ask the bridal consultant what kinds of changes might be made if that gown doesn't quite meet your requirements.  Small changes to the neckline or sleeves can get you a lot closer.  Alway be thinking: "This dress could be the one, and WOULD be the one with a couple slight changes".

Remember, about 95% of brides get alterations.  Don't feel discouraged if all the dresses you pull off the rack don't fit you like a glove.  All women are are shaped differently!  The shape and cut of any particular dress is not an indication of how YOUR body is supposed to be shaped.

Our dresses at A Closet Full of Dresses are designed to accommodate several body shapes with as little alterations as possible.

Also remember that any alterations to cost extra.  It's important to make alterations costs part of your wedding dress budget.  Our bridal consultants can give you an estimate, or we can have our expert seamstresses meet you at our store for a more exact estimate.

Here are some relatively minor alterations that a good alterations consultant could help you with:

  • Shoulders or sleeves too loose?  It's really a minor alteration to have the shoulders and sleeves custom fitted to you, and it really will look like the dress was created to fit you perfectly!

  • Same goes for the bodice waist and hips.  If you would like your dress more fitted, it can be taken in.  Remember, it's always easier to take a dress in that add size to it.  Get a bigger size if the bust or waist are just too tight.

  • Necklines can be changed.

  • Buttons can be added down the back of the dress or onto long sleeves.

  • Beading can be added to give a sparkle to your dress - perhaps to match the season or theme of your wedding.

  • Longer sleeves can be added, or shortened if needed.  Sleeves can be lined or made sheer.

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Always Let Your Bridal Consultant Know Your Vision 

At A Closet Full of Dresses, our biggest thrill is to see that special smile when our brides see that perfect dress on.  It really is a touching moment!  But to get there, we really need to know what your vision of a perfect dress really is.  It's OK to ask what can be adjusted, added or changed if needed.  We are there to help you!

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