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Alterations Services

At A Closet Full of Dresses we provide alterations services on dresses bought at our store.  We can refer you to some very good and reasonably priced alterations professionals who can meet you at our store.  We will give you their contact information and you can set up an appointment with them separately.

Alterations cost extra - getting alterations will add to the total cost of the modest wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses if you need additional alterations.  Our goal is to provide wedding gowns that require the least amount of additional expense of alterations.  But it is still important to plan ahead and estimate what alterations costs will be in your wedding dress budget.

Alterations aren't just for making your dress fit perfectly.  You might have an idea how to slightly change the dress.  Many changes are possible, so don't be afraid to ask your seamstress. You could add length to sleeves, add beading or other sparkles or add/change necklines.

Keep in mind that the dress designer's vision created your dress with a certain style goal, so making fundamental alterations to that style may result in something you may not like. Be careful when contemplating big changes.

At your alterations appointment - bring all the accessories you'll be wearing on your wedding day.  This includes the exact shoes you will be wearing which will affect where the hem and bustle are placed, slip if you wear one and your wedding bra (it's best to purchase a new one that fits best with your dress).  This will ensure that your dress is altered perfectly for your wedding day!

We always want to improve our alterations services, so comments or suggestions are always welcome.

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