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What Prom Styles help you be Elegant yet Modest? And How Much Should they Cost?

You're going to Prom and now looking for a dress. So many styles and colors to choose from! Many department stores have beautiful gowns yet would not meet your modesty expectations, and you don't want to compromise your standards.

Where are the stunning formal gowns that are elegant and up-to-date, yet modest?

Here is a guide that can help you find a gown that is both elegant and modest for prom that you can be thrilled with!

1. Sleeves. Whether you would like short cap just covering your shoulders, tulip sleeves, or long sleeve prom dresses can make your dress more custom to your taste and of course, add to the modesty of the dress.


2. Choosing the fabric of your formal floor-length prom dress. So many new materials are available and so beautiful on modest prom dresses this year. Styles include ballgowns, A-line and fitted. You can choose flowy chiffon with lace and beaded tops. Satin and Mikado ballgowns many of which have pockets! New fabrics that have that sparkle or even show different colors in varying lighting. Ombre fabrics have become widely used on many prom dresses. Maybe you prefer prom dresses with a floral pattern. And the more stunning the fabric is, the more you will show off in a long skirt formal gown. 


Ballgowns are still so popular and can be stunning at Prom - and make you twirl like a princess (if you want to be a princess at prom)!  Long-skirt dress styles can also be a great modest prom dress choice. Hollywood glam sparkle and lace fitted dresses are great choices. Many of these fitted styles can really be "glam'd up" by adding a simple yet gorgeous belt that sparkles and of course the necklace, bracelet or hairpiece you might add.

3. Necklines - so many different necklines! You can choose from a scoop neck, jeweled or beaded neck, boat-shaped (bateau) and high necklines. Even sweetheart necklines or V-Shaped necklines can be gorgeous and yet not too revealing. All these are available in the many modest prom styles we have in stock.

Altering a dress to make it more modest can be done, but can also be costly and time-consuming. You may not be able to match fabrics, especially the stunning new fabrics being used on today's prom gowns. Dress styles (especially formal gowns) are created especially around the designer's vision, and changing that style may not turn out as you might expect.


You can find great prom dress styles that have been created with modesty in mind. You do have options to get a prom dress that is already created with modesty in mind without altering a dress to make it modest. That's why we started our Modest Dress business - it is our goal to help you find beautiful dresses that help keep you who you want to be.

Many prom girls and their moms get frustrated searching for more conservative prom styles but don't give up hope! We have you covered (in more ways than one)! And it need not be excessively costly! We have a wide selection of modest prom dresses across a variety of prices. We even have modest prom dresses for cheap.

You know and understand who you are, and you want to be comfortable and beautiful without compromising your standards, so let us help.

Prom dresses these days have a very wide price range. Some knock-off products from overseas can be purchased online for as low as $50 or $60. But you have to be careful - sometimes you get what you pay for. They might look kind of like a designer dress but they come at much lower quality and not the same fabrics. If you really want a designer gown, you can't rely on the knock-offs.

On the high end, we've seen prom dresses priced at some boutiques as high as $750 and more. You won't see prices that high at our store!

At a Closet Full of Dresses we try to keep our prices for modest prom dresses within reason. We have some very simple and fun modest prom dresses for as little as $100.  Our highest-priced gown is just less than $500. You can easily shop for dresses by price and you won’t have to blow your budget. Our collections of modest prom dresses should meet most family's budgets.

Ellie Wilde EWM118190 Modest Prom Dress beaded top flowy skirt

If you are having trouble finding a lower priced modest formal dress, give us a call at 480-868-8906 - maybe we can help you find one that may not be on our website. Here is an example of a modestly priced prom dress - the Ella. It comes in four different colors and we have many sizes in stock.

Ella emerald modest prom dress with sleeves for plus size mormon prom

Take your time and look through our prom products. From junior-size dresses to dresses in misses and plus sizes, you can find good quality dresses in current trends across all price points. Whether you’re going for a traditional look or you're thinking of a more edgy vibe, choose a unique look at a price that fits your budget.

Fashion-smart shapely girls with curves can find great dresses by price as well. Check out each of our prom products - we do include dresses from size 18 - 20 on many styles.

Hope this helps you find that perfect prom dress! And HAVE FUN AT PROM THIS YEAR!


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