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Classic Wedding Dresses - A Fun Look Back in Time

Classic gowns from the 40s, 50s and beyond. See how they have influenced modest wedding dresses today. Gowns of the past tended to be more modest - perhaps today's modest bridal gowns will be icons in the future! Especially like the Kennedy's wedding from the early 50s and don't miss Shirley Temple's wedding!

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Modest Bridal Gown Pricing - What You Might Expect

You may not believe it, but when shopping for a modestly designed wedding dress, you don't have to expect super high prices. We've found designers who are creating modest wedding dress collections for our store, being very sensitive to keep costs down. And they can still create some very elegant modest styles that are remarkably cost effective.  

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Thinking of Personalizing your Wedding Dress?

You've Got That Perfect Bridal Gown Pictured In Your Mind It's finally your time.  You've searched all the wedding dress designer's websites, pinned images of the gown you've imagined would be perfect for you and now you are at the bridal boutique with family and friends trying on dresses.  But the more you try on different styles, the more confused and frustrated you get.  You can't find the dress that has EVERYTHING you imagined - the right neckline combined with the right sleeves and skirt style.  Don't be discouraged - you've got some options! Some Slight Alterations Can Personalize Your Dress Just For You! If you are trying on a dress that is perfect except for a couple features, a talented seamstress can...

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What's Different About the Modest Wedding Dress Market?

At A Closet Full of Dresses, we pride ourselves on being "An Exclusively Modest Bridal Boutique".  At our store (both our physical location in Mesa, AZ and our Online eCommerce store), we only offer dresses that have sleeves and are not too revealing in any other part of the dress. 

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