Megan Sorenson Photography

Megan Sorenson Photography

A great image of one of our brides in an elegant yet modest wedding dress from A Closet Full of Dresses.  Great photo from Megan Sorenson!

Brenna's Exquisite Dress

Brenna's Exquisite Dress

Thanks to Brenna who shared an image of her wedding at the Mesa, AZ temple.  What a stunning dress from A Closet Full of Dresses!  

Kristine and her London Wedding

I came into your shop in October 2016 with my two sisters, my mum...  Both my sister Rebecca and I bought dresses from you that week.  I finally got to wear mine on 8 June 2017.  ...we were married in East London at Langton's House and then were sealed in the London England LDS Temple on the 8th of June.  We had our reception back in my city in Friedrichsdorf Germany on Saturday the 10th of June.

Here are a couple pics of Chris and I from the big day!

The dress was absolutely perfect and very highly complimented (because it's impossible to find modest dresses in mainland Europe) and it was just simply so beautiful.

Megan is so Beautiful!

This is a throwback to a couple years ago when Megan found a modest wedding dress with A Closet Full of Dresses.  Stunning photos from Glen Wilson Photography

Amanda's Homecoming - 2014

Amanda looked so cute in her modest homecoming dress!  This is from a couple years ago, but so glad we got the images from Glen Wilson photography

Lorissa's Perfect Modest Wedding Dress

Lorissa is so lovely in this modest wedding dress from A Closet Full of Dresses.  She is glowing!  Photos courtesy of Glen Willson Photography at

Kamille's Modest Homecoming Dress

Kamille is the daughter of one of our bridal consultants Kim.  Check out how cute Kammie is on her first homecoming in a modest homecoming dress from A Closet Full of Dresses!  Kim is one of our moms who is always searching for modest dresses and was glad to find us.  We are so glad to have her!

Jessica's Wonderful Day - with her elegant Modest dress

Jessica was a stunning bride, and so much fun to work with.  She loved the first dress she tried on!  And her modest bridesmaids dresses from A Closet Full of Dresses perfectly complimented the bride!  All the best to you, Jessica!  Wedding at the classic Mesa, Arizona Temple. Photography by

Carrie is lovely in this great modest wedding dress!

It's been a couple years ago, sorry about the late post!  But here is Carrie in May of 2014 when she needed our help finding a gown at the last second, and the Closet had exactly what she was looking for!  That dress made you look stunning, Carrie!  Congratulations.

Sarah, thanks for sharing this pic of your gorgeous modest wedding dress!

"Thank you for the beautiful dress!  A LOT of people told me that it was the most beautiful they had ever seen!" -Sarah.  We couldn't agree more!  What a beautiful couple.  Check out the long sleeves on this modest Allure lace wedding dress!  Thanks, and congratulations Sarah!!!

Savannah, love your gorgeous modest dress

Look at these cute newly weds!!  Congratulations to Savannah and Adam!  Savannah looked so classic, timeless and elegant in this modest lace gown from A Closet Full of Dresses.  And in front of the Phoenix Temple!!  So gorgeous!

Lachelle can't be any more gorgeous in this modest dress

Check out these gorgeous bridal pics of Lachelle and her perfect modest wedding dress, photos courtesy of @marquettelaree .  Everything about these images are beautiful.  The bride, the DRESS, the way the groom is looking at her.  Ahh, we just love LOVE!  Congratulations Lachelle! Wedding at the classic Mesa, Arizona Temple.

Bailey is absolutely beautiful with this modest gown - Thanks Bailey!

"I just wanted to say thank you for my dress.  I felt beautiful and I was so happy that I was able to find a modest wedding dress that didn't require mending at all!  So blessed to have found your cute little store where my dream dress was waiting for me!!  Thank you so much!"  Bailey, you are gorgeous.  Congratulations!